90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa


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90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

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90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

This site is not affiliated with Dubai or UAE government but is an independent business service provider licensed by department of economic development in Dubai by the name of Gulf Sun Businessmen Services for verification call Department of Economic Development in Dubai + (9714) 2821111. Dubai 90 days Visa application fee through government website is AED 1250  .

It is our pleasure to assist you in your trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah) by providing you with tourist or service visas online. Applying for a visa application normally takes around 3 days and can’t be applied to on Fridays, Saturdays or national holidays. The application fee is show in the table below, Application fees are non-refundable once they are submitted to the Immigration department, whether or not the visa is approved.

* We don’t accept payment by credit card for Dubai Visa application for the following nationalities: Nigeria – Ghana – Cameroon – Angola – Benin – Burkina Faso – Burundi – Central African Republic – Chad – Congo – Cote D’Ivoire – Djibouti – Eriteria – Ethiopia – Liberia. (If one of the applicant belongs to any of these nationality, DO NOT use the credit card online payment, instead you may use other mode of payments from OPTION TWO below.) * Please note that most applications get approved within the time mentioned in the table but some may require supporting documents therefore those applications may take longer time. In addition to the application fee, we may require a refundable deposit of Dhs. 5,000 (1370 USD) to some applicants, to insure that they do not stay after their visa is expired. The deposit will be refunded, once we get confirmation that the applicant has left the country. We can also arrange hotel accommodation on your preference or you can book directly to our website along with your visa application. The full payment of all fees is required before we will process an applicants visa. Dubai visa requirements you should know before applying your visa:

  1. All Visa Types are Non-Extendable.
  2. All Visa application is for single entry only.
  3. We recommend to apply for your Visa at least 3-5 days prior to your arrival.
  4. Department of Naturalization and Residence in Dubai is open from Sunday to Thursday only.
  5. Visa Refundable Guarantee deposit Fee will be advised to you if required or not after evaluating your application.
  6. For Female below 22 years old travelling alone or with a non-related person, please send the following details (Name, Age, Nationality, Country Residing and Telephone Number) toapply@dubaivisaonline.com  for evaluation.
  7. Visa Approval is at sole discretion of the Immigration Officials and not Gulf Sun Tours. We can not guarantee that all applications will be approved. Once your Visa Application is submitted to Immigration Department, the Visa Application Fee is non-refundable whether it is approved or rejected or in the event that your visa is approved but you are unable to travel to UAE.
  8. Should your Visa Application is rejected, we will provide you with the proof of rejection from the Immigration Department for your reference and record.
  9. Once Visa is approved, we will be sending you a copy via e-mail since the visa is applied online. You need to print the visa copy and upon arrival at the airport you may proceed to the passport control section, no need for original copy.
  10. After leaving the country, you have to send via e-mail or fax the page of your passport that has the exit stamp from the immigration of Dubai/UAE, as a proof that you have left the country so that we can double check it in our online system.
  11. If you are going to leave UAE not by air plane, please inform us about that fact. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact.

Step 1: send us your hotel reservation if any at apply@dubaivisaonlineapplication.com and send your scanned passport in GIF or JPEG format to the same email adderss. Please ask us if you have any further questions about visa related issues on customer-service@dubaivisaapplicationonline.com

PAYMENT OPTION TWO: Bank Wire transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram transfer and cash payment

Western Union / MoneyGram / UAE Exchange / Xpress Money or Any Money transfer:

First Name: WENEFREDO JR Last Name:        ANALES DAVID Mobile:               00971505449580 Address:            Dubai, United Arab Emirates Send MTCN code to apply@dubaivisaonlineapplication.com 

Bank Transfer Payment 

Payment by bank/telex transfer is possible by transferring the final amount we specify to our bank account, whose details will be emailed to you on receipt of your request. An additional Dhs. 100 (19 Euro) will be added to the final amount, so that we can transfer the deposit back to you.

If your application is rejected for any reason the fee will not be refunded provided the reason for rejection .